Literature Review On Blended Learning

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Literature Review
From the era of teaching using chalk and blackboard, transparency and projector to LCD and presentations, the education system has gone through another phase of evolution. Latest trend in education is usage of Blended Learning as a method of teaching. Now, Blended Learning is a widely used term in education. According to Krause(2007), “Blended Learning is realized in teaching and learning environments where there is an effective integration of different modes of delivery, models of teaching and styles of learning as a result of adopting a strategic and systematic approach to the use of technology combined with the best features of face to face interaction”(pg.2). Another simpler version of Blended Learning definition was given
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229). The traditional way of teaching which is practiced around the world is face-to-face method, a method where the educators serves a source of knowledge plays a vital role in the classroom while the students becomes passive learner. Active students achieve about 4% (min and median) more in their evaluation session compared to passive students, according to Norbert Michel, John James Cater III, Otmar Varela.(2009) and there are many more research that agrees that teaching process should be student centered with the students becoming active learners in the classroom environment. In order to change from instructor centered to student centered, such approach like Blended Learning can be used as it combines the traditional face-to-face and online activities. One might think the importance of face-to-face in Blended Learning as it is traditional way and the curiosity is answered by (Wall, Ahmed and Smit, 2006) by saying “It is the face-to-face element of blended learning that maintains the students’ high level of commitment “. Hence, face-to-face element is as important as the online activities in Blended Learning as that is the time actually the instructor could emphasize or strengthen…show more content…
One significant impact of faster and better technologies, we have started to use web based learning environment. As web based is it as its optimum peak level, and people especially students knows more about where and how to use it, now it seems more relevant to blend online resource with traditional face-to-face blended learning idea.
The objective of using blended learning approach is to create high impact learning outcome to students. It allows room for variety of different teaching modes and can address different learning styles and needs. Educators usually find it is difficult for them to make all the students happy when teaching a particular topic, but most likely by diversifying the teaching method, it is a good way to approach many

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