Literature Review On Brand Loyalty

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2. Literature review
2.1 Price
Before brand loyalty, there is one factor that bring significant impact to consumers mind while selecting a product; which is price. Price is what consumers have to expend in order to obtain a product or service (Haghighi, Dorosti, Rahnama, & Hoseinpur, 2012).
Aside the general meaning as mentioned above, price affects consumers’ willingness to buy and it also acts as reference to product quality (Indrayani, Siringoringo, & Saptariani, 2008).
2.1.1 Price and Willingness to Buy
Indrayani explains that In order to comprehend the relation between price and brand loyalty, it is important to understand the acceptable price range concept (Indrayani, Siringoringo, & Saptariani, 2008). The concept explains that in many
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Packaging refers to any article that is produced from any components of any nature to be utilized as the holder, safeguard, handling, delivery and sustentation of physical goods from the manufacturer to the end consumers (Northern Ireland Environment Agency, 2010). It is mainly concerned with the design of the wrapper of a final product. Not only that packaging should act as the containment of a particular product, it has to be carefully designed and produced as an effort to be able to successfully market the product to the targeted or desired consumers, and to promote product sales at the end of the day (Cousté, Ros, & Partal,…show more content…
First, brand awareness creates familiarity, as previously stated, to the market. Familiarity towards a brand may create impulse purchase, because it made consumers curious of what the brand offers. If the product happen to satisfy the consumers, repeated purchase may happen which then leads to customer loyalty. The second benefit of brand awareness is because it gives the customer a signal of the brand’s existence. The more popular the brand, the higher the awareness, the better the perception the customers have towards the brand, since they perceive it as a brand trusted by many around them. The third benefit is the brand recall itself. If the brand’s awareness is high and customers are familiar with the brand, they will be able to easily recall or remember the brand when making a purchase

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