Literature Review On Carpooling And Dutch Auction

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2. LITERATURE REVIEW There is substantial literature on experimental test of theory of Dutch auction for various resources distribution. Likewise with rising popularity of carpooling various research papers, articles and news have been published. This paper discuss about the carpooling by Dutch auction so we review a few papers on carpooling and Dutch auction. The vital elements that determine the riding behavior of the riders includes the travel time, cost, convenience, household characteristics and availability (Margolin and Misch, 1978; Duecker, 1977; Horowitz and Sheth, 1978). Various surveys revealed that the carpoolers travel remarkably farther to work than people who drive alone. Carpooling is mostly common with workers having low wages or less accessibility to private cars. Several researches have shown that the carpooling is related to the ratio of autos to workers within the household. Carpooling is inferior as compared to driving alone as it consumes a lot of time to pick up and drop off the passengers or simply to wait to get picked up. An increment in the household income increases the value of time, thus making carpooling least likely to people having high wages. As per the article on “Carpooling Clubs” sited by Correia and Viegas, dynamic ridesharing (single-trip ridesharing) is the ultimate solution for the time consumption, low flexibility and congestion problem faced carpooling. This kind of carpooling is arranged for each trip rather than for

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