Literature Review On Cartoons

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1.2 LITERATURE REVIEW Cartoons have taken an enormous part in both children and parent’s lifestyle as both of them enjoys it. Comedy, adorable looks of characters, lifestyle, and cuteness in cartoons make themselves more close to viewers both children as well as adults. Now a days, cartoons have become the most required TV show. Most people think of cartoons as a proper and suitable context for children because it contains educational and developmental matter. Cartoons like “Barney & Friends”, “Meena” etc. are the perfect example of famous and suitable show for children. Some parents thought of cartoon, a harmless show and allowed their children to watch them without even checking the context of it. They failed to understand the fact that…show more content…
Pedük (2012) in his article “A Study on Characteristics of Parents’ TV viewing and children’s opinions on the cartoons they The Negative Effect of Cartoons on Children watched” examined the characteristics of parents’ TV viewing and children’s opinions on the cartoons they watched. The data collected using face to face interviewing method through a questionnaire. It was found that parent thought that they were affected by the cartoons that their children had been viewing for a long time. The study shows that parental TV viewing duration is between 2 and 3 hours, children watch TV with their family and half of them zap to determine the program to be watched, their decisions are taken into consideration through their family’s requests, whatever is to be watched sometimes was not decided beforehand, the channel was switched after the commercial or the program viewed finished, parents’ first preference was prime news, 67% of parents had no idea about TV viewing, it should be the broadcasting company to inform primarily, documentaries make the top of the list by 57 % followed by cartoons, domestic – foreign TV series, documentaries, news and sports programs are the ones that were allowed to watch apart from children’s programs. Related to the cartoons that children watch, majority of parents could name a film and they also think that scenes of violence, killing, fighting, guns and harmful behaviors should be presented in a way that won’t physically harm the child and cartoons that are appropriate to watch are the ones that have educational, instructional, entertaining features developing imagination and creativity. Parents also stated that the child’s cartoons viewing duration was 2 hours at the most. Related to parents’ views on the effects of cartoons on their children they reported that 68% were sometimes affected and this effect helped them develop their imagination. It can be said that parents and children’s TV viewing duration are consistent and the most viewed
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