Literature Review On Celebrity Culture

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Chapter two; Literature Review The entire research journey is based on few important steps which can also be recognized as research process involving certain measures; to be carried out effectively. This process includes (Library, 2015); 1. Framing of a particular research question 2. searching and examining the relevant literature studies 3. Management of the accumulated search data 4. Synthesize of research work 5. generating literature assessment A literature review is defined as a report carrying evaluative data/information abstracted from the related piece of literature with respect to selected field of study. The literature review describes, encapsulated, assess and explain the information on the basis of theoretical research ground …show more content…

The rapid increase in the programs and websites has also inclined the rivalry among different channels for targeted audience and advertisement companies. In line, to raise the competition and rivalry, the demand for economic content is increased (e.g. latest celebrity gossip, their love-life, trendiness and new fashions in the industry) in order to complete the flourishing quantity of broadcasting time. An English lecturer at the New Jersey College, Ewing; David Blake said that “the media has completely modified the individuals’ experience about celebrity culture than the development in any other culture.” He further added that “Both social and broadcasting Media has made the celebrities more pervasive and dominant in prevailing society and this upsurge has created a completely new sector of public relations. Once the main focus of public relations was to prepare talented peoples with their relative interests and analysis of those benefits that are gained by them but now it involves more dimensions. The new aim of public relation is to create a path for the industrial celebrities so they can meet the apparent voracious desire of culture regarding them (Altman, …show more content…

As, the great number of young girls and boys hold their wedding date in order to complete the education, institute a strong career so they would have the heavy budget to plan their wedding lavishly. The concept of a “celebrity-alike wedding” has stroked each and every social class (Smock., 2005), including both low and middle classes, are saving and expanding with open hands to organize proper, high-classed, and an exclusive wedding and reception for their family, friends and social circle which will be remembered in many upcoming

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