Literature Review On Cigarette Smoking

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Literature Review Cigarette Smoking is studied here due to alarming and increasing rate of cigarette related diseases in the world. In this study, the research problems are investigated and answered to explain new insights about the problem after taking note the findings into consideration. Cigarette Smoking Tobacco use is a global epidemic and a serious health threat and problem among people especially young adults. It has significant implications for a nation’s public and economic health in the future (Perry et al., 1994; Kessler 1995). In the former Sovier Bioc study, 88,000 smokers die each year from debilitating lung conditions other than lung cancer. Along with this, neonates and young children who are exposed in second hand smoke are…show more content…
These flavorings make them more likely to attract young people. However, Snuff (a powdered tobacco), Snuss , Chewing Tobacco, and Dip (which is used like chewing tobacco) are also forms of smokeless tobacco. They are common and widely used in many regions and countries including Northern Europe and Northern America. Smokeless tobacco is still not a safe alternative to cigarettes. It contains 28 cancer causing substances including nitrosamines due to aging and fermentation of tobacco. Heart disease, oral lesions, leukoplakia (white patches in the mouth) and gum disease are most likely to develop. Also, the nicotine substance from smokeless tobacco may lead to addiction and dependence. This substance stays longer in the bloodstream of smokeless tobacco users than cigarette smokers. Pipe…show more content…
Here are some of the implemented laws: Republic Act No. 10643 - An act to effectively instill health consciousness through graphic health warnings, regulate packaging and labelling of tobacco products. Republic Act No. 9211, otherwise known as the "Tobacco Regulation Act of 2003” which regulates smoking in public places, promotion and sponsorship, sales restrictions and advertisement. Preventive Measures Prevention is better than cure. Educating children in their early years in school can help a lot in preventing cigarette use. Information and advertisements should target the public. A research about prevention was shared by Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA) Initiative. It states that the strategy is community education to increase public awareness and solution. Flyers and posters may be posted in stores, churches or in public places. It will be a part of public awareness campaign. Billboards can alert the whole community to the problem of increasing rate of disease due to tobacco

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