Literature Review On Consumer Buying Behavior

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Abstract: This study is about a literature review on Consumer Buying Behavior.
This article presents a theory developed to explain why consumers make the choices on the products. And it contributes to a deeper understanding of the impact of different factors on consumer buying behavior.It is useful for understanding how they buy the products and what they like what they find from the product etc. This is truth that people buy those products with which they are psychologically attached. This study tells us about new things in the field of consumer buying behavior of consumers pertaining to the local markets.

Keywords: Consumer, learning, psychological factors, Environmental response, Emotional response, Consumer buying behavior, beliefs
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Cultural factors:
Way of life or culture is the most basic root of a person’s wants and needs. Growing up, children learn basic values, observation and wants from the family and other people. During his life, a person will be by his family, his friends, his cultural environment that will educate him values, preferences as well as common behaviors to their culture. Culture is a very important when it comes to understanding the needs and behavior of an individual. It will play a role in the observation, habit, behavior or hope of consumers.
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Subcultures are groups of people who share the same values based on a common experience or a similar lifestyle in general. Subcultures are nationalities, religions, national groups, mature groups, gender of the human being.

Social factors

A customer buying behavior is also influenced by social factors, such as the groups to which the customer relate and social class. Every culture belong subcultures groups of people with values. Subcultures can include nationalities, religions, national groups, or groups of people sharing the same geographical place. Social factors are in the between of the factors influencing consumer behavior. They are reference group, family and social roles.

Personal factors:

Decisions buying behavior are clearly influenced by each consumer. A consumer cannot buy the similar products or services at 20 to 70 years. His lifestyle, values, environment, activities, hobbies and consumer habits. The family lifestyle of the individual will also have an influence on his values, and buying behavior depending whether he is single in a relationship etc. As well as the region of the country and the kind of city where he belong large city, small town, etc.

Psychological factors:

These factors can be divided into 4 types motivation, perception, learning, belief and
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