Literature Review On Consumer Buying Behaviour

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2.0 LITERATURE REVIEW According to Cooper (1988) a literature review uses as its database reports of primary or original scholarship, and does not report new primary scholarship itself. The primary reports used in the literature may be verbal, but in the vast majority of cases reports are written documents. The types of scholarship may be empirical, theoretical, critical/analytic, or methodological in nature. Second a literature review seeks to describe summaries, evaluate, clarify and/or integrate the content of primary reports.’ Literature reviews are a basis for research in nearly every academic field. This section starts with the literature review with the concept of the consumer behavior, consumer buying behavior and second-hand products…show more content…
It is a mix of psychology, sociology, anthropology, and economic elements. It thrives to understand the buyer’s decision-making process, both individually and in groups. It focuses on characteristics of individual consumers such as demographics, psychographics, and behavioral elements in an effort to understand people’s need and wants. Significant progress has been achieved in identifying the behavioral elements of buying, and a number of theories of buying have been postulated .However, less is known about what determines the shopping and consuming behavior. Kotler and Armstrong (2006) suggest that there are determinants such as cultural, social, personal, and psychological factors that shape an individual’s consumer behaviour. The following part looks into the personal factors, as they are the elements being tested in their research. Basically, consumer behavior is different among each other and it’s quite difficult to analyses consumer behavior because sometime it’s much depend on the situation. In our opinion, consumer behavior can change depends on the situation that they had been faced during the buying…show more content…
Researchers show different reasons as to why consumer behaviour has been the topic of many academics and researchers. (Kotler and Keller, 2012) describe that one of the common views is that understanding consumer behaviour has become a factor that has a direct impact on the overall performance of the businesses. Another view suggests that understanding consumer behaviour has become crucial especially due to fierce competition in retail industry in the UK and worldwide (Lancaster et al, 2002). The results from this research also may help business entity to perform well in their business. Besides that, situational factors impacting consumer behaviour may include location, environment, timing and even weather conditions (Hoyer et al., 2012). In our opinion, most of customers prefer to go shopping at shopping complex which provide comfortable environment and location to shopping. Factors such as traffic flow, parking and safety environment become important factors in deciding place to shopping. According to Hoyer et al. (2012) social factors impacting consumer behaviour arise as a result of interactions of perspective consumers with others in various levels and

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