Literature Review On Crisis Management

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Literature Review
Crisis management Crisis management is critical and crucial function of an organization. The failure in crisis management may results in harms to the stakeholders, damage of the reputation, and loses the organization in the end (Commbs, 2007). Crisis can be defined as a threaten to the organization and it will have a negative effect or negative consequences if the organization cannot handle the crisis properly. Dilenschneider (2000) address in The Corporate Communications Bible, all crises are threats of the organization's reputation. According to Commbs (2007), all crises create three threats: 1, public safety, 2, financial loss, and 3, reputation loss. Crisis management is a carefully designed process to prevent, prepare
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According to the perceptions of accepting responsibility for a crisis, Coombs divided the response strategies into primary and secondary strategies (Coombs, 2006). The response strategies of SCCT are developed from Benoit (1997) image restoration strategies with the purpose of strategically shape the public reputation of an organization. The primary response strategies are: 1, denial, 2, diminishment, and 3, rebuild. The secondary response strategy is 4,…show more content…
Not respond strategy can be useful when the organization feels little responsible, doesn't have a direct blame for the crisis, or inappropriate response might result a severe consequence (McLaughun, Cody & O'hair, 1983). However, some researchers believe that the no response strategy only useful when the public has strongly favorable feelings of the organization (Smith, 2002). Furthermore, McDonald et al. (2010) found that no response strategy is useful for moderating anger and negative word of mouth, and it can increase sympathy, loyalty and positive attitude towards the organization. However, there are some studies argues that when an organization chooses not to respond to a crisis, it can also lead to a negative result, due to the consumers perceive the organization as lack of concern (Hegner et. al,

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