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Chapter 2 Literature Review One of the restaurant industry’s goals, aside from gaining profit, is to satisfy their customers in order to achieve customer patronage. There are several factors to consider in satisfying the customers. These factors, namely, food quality, service, physical environment, and price, should exceed the customers’ expectations to gain positive disconfirmation. This chapter provides a compilation of reviews of previous studies conducted in relation to customer satisfaction and patronage of breakfast restaurants. Customer Satisfaction According to Ramasamy 2012 retrieved from “Thesis Customer Satisfaction “ (2013), customer satisfaction is the most fundamental requirement for being in business. Therefore, every organization…show more content…
The customers may not want to feel at home as they want to have a memorable experience. The physical environment of an establishment includes six dimensions, namely, facility aesthetics, lighting, ambience, layout, table settings, and service staff as defined by the dinescape. Also, the impacts of facility aesthetics, lighting, table settings, and service staff on disconfirmation significantly differed between first-time customers and repeat customers. Studies about the significance of the physical environment in customer satisfaction varies because according to the research conducted by Heung and Gu (2012), it is a significant factor in terms of gaining the patrons’ dining satisfaction especially their intention to return and their willingness to pay more but Voon (2012) stated that the effect of servicescape or the physical environment of a restaurant on the satisfaction of the customer was relatively small in food establishments except in fast food restaurants, compared to the other factors which affect the customer satisfaction. Even if there are various perceptions on how great the impact of the physical environment is to the customer satisfaction, the researchers must still study it to know whether it affects the satisfaction level of the guest and the customer patronage of the breakfast…show more content…
Food quality provides positive and significant influence of the food establishment. The main product is usually the one that the customers pay the most attention to. In creating the most suitable image for the restaurant, the high quality food must be a present factor (Haery and Badiezadeh, 2014). Customers usually eat out because they expect to get a high quality food, which is why the researchers will determine how great its impact to customer patronage

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