Literature Review On Customer Service

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2.0 Introduction
Literature review focuses on reviewing past relevant literature that was previously researched by other authors that can be a great support to this study in regards of definitions and previous research finding. The study will determine definition of customer service, as well as the benefits of being customer’s oriented organization. The study evaluated the importance of customer service to the consumers in the health industry. Customer service, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, quality of service and other relevant aspects to this study are also highlighted.
2.1 Definition of Customer Service
Customer service refers to the processes and actions making it easier for customers to do business with a company (Kotler, 2000). Customer service can mean different things to different people, according to their circumstances. For this reason, it is important that the company is clear about what it is trying to achieve with ‘customer care’ programmes and their like. The company offers a product or service designed to meet customer needs, together with all the intangible elements which go with it including customer service. It is eminently sensible to make customers feel good about their dealing with the company, said (John Leppard & Liz Molyneux, 1994).
According to Daffy (2011), customer service works like a boomerang. You pitch a particular level of service in the direction of your customers. Then, like a boomerang, something comes spinning back. What you
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