Literature Review On Deforestation

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Bradford, A. (2015, March 04). Deforestation: Facts, Causes & Effects. Live Science. Retrieved: from In the article, Bradford examines that the deforestation of trees not only lessens the amount of carbon stored, it also releases carbon dioxide into the air. According to the 2010 Global Forest Resources Assessment, deforestation releases nearly a billion tons of carbon into the atmosphere per year, though the numbers are not as high as the ones recorded in the previous decade. Michael Daley, associate professor of environmental science at Lasell College in Newton, confirmed that deforestation is the main reason impacting on the global carbon cycle. Alina Bradford is a contributing writer for Live Science, she has obtained certifications of multiple health, safety and lifesaving from University of Oklahoma State that help hers having many experiences in the fields of health and life. Through the article, I learn more how dangerous deforestation is to environment and human health. This is one of significant factors which causes climate change that I will use to argue about the causes of climate change in my research. Butler, R. (2012, July 22). Atmospheric Role Of Forests: Rainforests And Climate. Retrieved from: The article of Butler analyzes the important role of rainforests to natural enviroment, and the negative effects happen if the forsests are destroyed. The
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