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Chapter 2 Literature review Knowledge of dengue prevention is an essential component mandatory for the prevention of dengue disease and is discussed in this chapter in the light of current literature. Studies on knowledge, attitude and practice (KAP) regarding dengue fever prevention The knowledge, attitude and prevention practices have been assessed in various studies. In Thailand more than 90% of the study population knew that the disease is transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes and properly indicated water pots and retention of water as the frequent places for breeding but were having less or no knowledge on other common sites(Swaddiwudhipong 1992). In East Delhi 82.3% were aware of the dengue having fair knowledge and with the use of personal…show more content…
The disease can progress into life threatening DHF and can result in bleeding, low blood platelets count and leakage of blood plasma or if not properly managed may lead to DSS, where severe lowering of blood pressure occurs(D. 2013). Geographic expansion of dengue Dengue is considered to be a major international health concern in recent decades, specifically in Southeast Asia, the Americas and in Africa (Bianco 2009). In more than 100 countries dengue fever is endemic and impacts more than one-third of the world’s population. The climate in these regions of the world is ideal for the vector responsible to transmit the disease. During the past 50 years it has seen a 30 fold increase in dengue incidence(Recker 2009). The expansion of villages, towns and cities in areas where dengue is common and the increased mobilization of population have increased the number of epidemics. Dengue fever which was limited to Southeast Asia has now spread to other parts of the world as well(Gubler 2010). This increase is due to combination of population growth, urbanization, international travelling and global warming(Whitehorn J

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