Literature Review On Depression

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Literature Review The American Psychiatric Association explains depression as mental illness that “negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act” (Parekh, 2017, p. para.1). Studies have shown that women experience depression significantly more often than men. Although many studies prove women experience depression more than men, little research has been conducted on the gender differences that cause this. Social, biological, and cultural differences between males and females cause females to experience depression more often. Pascual, Conejero, and Etxebarria explain the differences between how each gender copes with different emotions. (2015) Their findings conclude females tend to use problem solving, emotional regulation, emotional expression, wishful thinking, and rumination as coping strategies. Males coping strategies are usually acceptance, problem solving, positive thinking and cognitive restructuring. From the data they gathered, the females “seem to lean more toward emotional strategies, such as emotional regulation and emotional expression, as well as toward wishful thinking and rumination which in theory at least are considered negative”. (Pascul, Conejero, & Etxebarria, 2015, p. 4) The females coping styles are viewed as negative, meaning they are not as helpful when dealing with stress or negative life events. The study also finds that men are more likely to cope with a problem directly, but women respond emotionally. Women become

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