Trends In Tourism Essay

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Image of Yazd in published photos of Iranian and international tourists in Instagram
Masoud Zare Mehrjardy

Literature review
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Destinations are places toward which people travel and where they choose to stay for a while to experience certain perceived attractions (Leiper, 1995). In the tourism industry, production, consumption, and experiential characteristics become interconnected in a given location. The complex processes of tourism production and consumption depend on destinations, be they a single community and its surroundings, a region, or a country(Saraniemi & Kylänen, 2011). There are several attitudes about tourism destination marketing and several relevant methods. According to poon(1993) perspective, destinations must follow four principles if they are to be competitive: put the environment first; make tourism a leading sector; strengthen the distribution channel in the market; build a dynamic private sector. These principles are clearly too broad and general to be significant to tourism managers and marketers. From another point of
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social media has affected different aspects of science such as tourism industry. The presence of ICT’s such as website and social media gives a lot of information about tourism destinations and its facilities such as places, properties and restaurants (Litvin & Hoffman, 2012). In addition, through different social media, tourists or consumer of tourism industry over the world could share their experience(Fatanti & Suyadnya, 2015). As mega trends definition that has significantly impacted the tourism system, Leung et al(2013) showed that the role and use of social media in travelers’ decision making and in tourism operations and management have been widely discussed in tourism and hospitality research. Therefore, social media are embedded concepts in tourism sociology studies, one of the most important of which is
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