Digital Learning Tools

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The review reports on the student’s perceptions of technology, the learning outcomes, learning strategies, instructional strategies and practices, the uptake of technology on individuals most especially on students, and on professional development that emerge from the different literature reviews from different references relevant to the impact of digital tools and technologies on teaching and learning. This review is designed to analyze the effects of digital learning tools on the academic performance of students. Also, to help inform the development of strategies for digital learning and teaching by providing proofs and evidences of how and why digital learning and teaching can benefit student learners, teachers, and the institution. Tang (2015) states…show more content…
Giving these online digital tools for the students give a lot of chance that the students can practice how to be digitally literate. By their experience in the online learning environment, they may enjoy learning more and realize the great help of using online tool. Students must find it engaging and be able to learn from digital tools. Most companies recognize that the students at different levels benefit from different interfaces on digital technologies based on their developmental needs. It is evident that digital equipment, tools and resources when effectively used, can raise the speed and depth of learning in different subject areas for the learners. Digital technologies are also a help in some aspects of literacy, especially in writing and comprehension. Digital technologies appear to be appropriate means to improve basic literacy and numeric literacy skills. The use of digital tools and resources can also help to reduce gaps in subject attainment when they are effectively
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