Diversity And Diversity

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Diversity plays a vital role in today’s world. When we refer to this term, we often connect it to demographic groups such as race or gender, but diversity is a broader and inclusive concept. In accordance to the book “HR2”by Denisi/Griffin, diversity exists in a group or organization when its affiliates differ from one another (Denisi/Griffin, 2013 pg.172). These differences include gender, age, culture, social status, and ethnic origin, among many others. We are all different, not only physically, mentally, and culturally, but also in our perspectives and prejudices. Due to these differences, companies that strive to incorporate a diverse workforce have the privilege of acquiring the most talented and brightest staff members. In my literature…show more content…
This phenomenon has become an important issue in the United States and abroad. In accordance to the book “Employee Training and Development” by Raymond A. Noe, between the years 2012 and 2022 the United States labor force is forecast to become more ethnically and racially diverse as a result of immigration, growth of minorities in the workforce, and higher minority fertility rates (Raymond A. Noe, 2017 pg.22). Due to todays increased in diversity, it is anticipated that by the year 2022 the workforce will be as follow; 78% white, 12% African American, 6% Asian, and 2% other ethnic or cultural body (Raymond A. Noe, 2017 p.22). Furthermore, in accordance to the National Public Radio, Inc., the group of individuals identified by “two or more races” is predicted to be the fastest- growing over the next 46 years. From the above statistics, we can conclude that due to change in demographic trends, by the year 2020 the workforce will be more culturally…show more content…
“Innovative Employee Solutions”, One of the top employer of record companies in the United States, argue that businesses have started to acknowledge and refer to diversity in the workplace as a business strategy that maximizes productivity, creativity, and loyalty of employees, while meeting the needs of the company, clients, and customers. A diverse workforce help organizations in numerous ways, and Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) acknowledge this fact. In accordance to the Human Resources book “ORGB 3” by Nelson/ Quick, the American fast food restaurant tries to captivate and retain female and minority-group executives. In regards to the chain view of diversity, the president of KFC’s U.S operations stated the following, “ We want to bring in the best people. If there are two equally qualified people, we’d clearly like to have diversity”(Nelson/ Quick, 2012 pg.27) .It is important for business to seek for a diverse force as it allows teams to draw upon a wider range of believes and experiences when solving

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