Literature Review On Domestic Violence

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Literature review While much has been written about domestic violence during the past few decades, the topic still lends itself to much more work. The changing laws in each country as well as the awareness among the population are all reasons for the continued interest in the topic as well as the potential for identification more interesting facts and fastest on the topic. Among the most researched topics are violence by husbands or intimate partners (Babcock, Waltz, Jacobson, & Gottman, 1993), (Al-habib, Nur, & Jones, 2010). One of the most interesting observations from a study carried out on married couples was that subordinate men tend to pose higher risk of triggering domestic violence in relationships (Babcock, Waltz, Jacobson, & Gottman,…show more content…
Understanding abuse by intimate partners and the reasons for its occurrence as well as increase on the basis of social ecology and an understanding of the various theories on the topic throw up several interesting observations. Promoting health of women has seen to significantly reduce the possibilities of occurrence of domestic occurrence (Taft, 2003). The most predominantly seen signs of domestic abuse are sexual in nature. The partner who is subjected to force and sexual abuse tends to be at a higher risk for infection from HIV. This is based on various global studies into the topic and has been substantiated repeatedly by authorities as well (Stockman, Lucea, & Campbell, 2013). The international crisis around domestic violence manifests itself in various forms including various types of assault and battery, killings for honor and dowry, emotional and psychological abuse as well as its impact on health including pregnancy of victims as well as social stigma that is part of society’s response to domestic violence (Gretchen, Dulmus,…show more content…
Domestic violence is a global issue of human rights and needs to be addressed simultaneously by all countries using an international platform like the WHO. The importance assigned to the various types of partner violence as well as developing theories on the basis of the various findings are both part of the justifications for the repeated research on the topic as well as the strategy formulated for this study (Johnson & Ferraro,

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