Literature Review On Eco-Tourism

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hapter 2
2.0. Literature Review
2.1. Studies on Eco-Tourism
This chapter reviews relevant literature on ecotourism after thefurnishing of the general introduction. Ecotourism has a very extensive literature in regards to various aspects. This chapter also elaborates various developments in ecotourism in the specified subject.
Ecotourism has been the fastest growing tourism industry sector since the early 1990s (The International Ecotourism Society, 2012). Ecotourism is defined as the responsible travel to natural areas with an aim to conserve and appreciate the environment and facilitate the improvement of the well-being of the local people (TIES, 1990).Wearing and Neil (1999) describes ecotourism as travel to relatively protected and undisturbed natural areas with aim to foster understanding, appreciation and conservation of geology ecosystems flora and fauna of an area. Ecotourism came to rise as strategy of making peace and conserving the environment and nature and including developments in ecologically rich areas (Santhosh Thampi , 2001).
Ecotourism is completely a new venture in the tourism sector which involves travelling to natural areas with a view to appreciate culture and natural history of the environment (Anil Reddy, 2000). Ecotourism is divided into five major components which include:
1. Nature-based component.
Mainly consists of wildlife and not necessarily ecotourism. Includes activities such as camping, hiking and picnicking. Tourists should leave their

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