Literature Review On Ecotourism

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F: Literature review
We note that the landscape is that the most important role in the tourism industry. In addition, the relationship between tourism and the inconsistent landscape can be imported at the same time, the positive and negative impacts on the environment and local communities (MENESES , 2004).
The nature-based tourism range of tourism activities is applied in accordance with the general use of natural resources are still relatively backward, including landscapes, terraces, waterways, vegetation, wildlife and cultural heritage (Ceballos-Lascurain, 1996).
Millions of people every year experience the natural environment and the size of this movement gets disturbed or damaged inevitably visited the site. This damage to the tourist, while directly or indirectly attributable to their activities, whether the actual behavior that is responsible for the major negative effects on natural activities and related such as the construction and development of infrastructure and facilities are often unclear (Deng et al., 2002).
As per Kirti Shiva Kumar (2007), "ecotourism is the administration of tourism and protection of nature as it were, in order to keep up a fine harmony between the prerequisites of tourism and biology from one viewpoint and the requirements of neighborhood groups for new occupation abilities, pay producing work and a superior status for ladies on the other". Develop and keep up regions where assets are created to promote preservation, lead condition

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