Literature Review On Employee Discrimination

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Literature Review Lombardo (2017) defined employment discrimination as “the unfair treatment of employees based on prejudices”. She also stated the forms of employment discrimination can be based on (1) Equal pay compensation or when the management didn’t give same pay compensation even though both candidates have the same level of experience, (2) Sexual orientation or mistreating employee based on their sexual preference, (3) National origin/language or not hiring a candidate due to the language they speak or the country they come from even though it would not affect the job, (4) Race or preferring a certain race to hire and ignoring the opportunity for others (5) Sex or treating someone poorly due their gender and (5) Religion or discriminate a person based on their religious belief. According to Barnsen (2014), “identifying workplace discrimination is difficult especially when the people who exhibit discriminatory behavior do not usually make their intentions clear”. However, there are some signs which can be indicators you are experiencing employment discrimination. Continues heavily recruiting of workers all year due to large number of resignation among the employees or the employees leave the company short after being hired can means the people are not happy or there are serious issues within the company. Symptoms of employment discrimination can also show as early as the interview process if the interviewer asks questions which are inappropriate or reference a
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