Literature Review On Employee Motivation

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LITERATURE REVIEW A study on impact of rewards on employee motivation was done by Khan and Farooq in 2010. A significant relationship between rewards and employee motivation between the employees was noticed by them. The study revealed that the employees become active and more productive on their work when they are motivated in a proper manner. The employees put their hard effort when they are felt motivated and this can be done by giving them the personal value, recognition and rewards through which they accomplish their tasks and work in a more defined way. The employee’s capacity is analyzed and they are made to perform to the level higher than the expected. The study conducted by Matthew et al, (2009)suggested that there is a positive relation between organization effectiveness and employee motivation. The observation made by Schuler and Jackson, (1996) indicates that the organization’s growth and success was dependent on the rewards, recognition and motivation of employees. A study by “McKinsey Quarterly” showed that planning and motivation programs are utilized by 70% of the organizations (Dewhurst et al, 2009). This study found out that, non-monetary rewards serve as a better motivator than monetary. According to the study to get high performance and motivate employees, money alone is not essential. The employees can also be motivated by the non-financial rewards and recognition such as praise, responsibility and personal growth as per the study done by Latham and
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