Literature Review On Employee Performance

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1.4.1 Literature Review HRM practices are a process of engaging, motivating, and maintaining employees to ensure the organizational survival (Schuler and Jackson, 1987). According to (Delery and Doty, 1996) HRM practices are prepared and implemented in a way that human capital plays important role in achieving the goals and objectives of the organization. The appropriate use of HRM practices strongly influence the standard of employer and the degree of employee commitment (Purcell, 2003). HRM practices like, training and development, performance appraisal allow the employees to do better in order to enhance the organizational performance (Snell and Dean, 1992; Pfeffer, 1998). Researchers have shaped compelling evidence for the fundamental relation between employee performance and how management acts with them (Boheene & Asuinura, 2011). They claim that the effectiveness of human resource practices, particularly employee selection, performance appraisals, benefits and reward management, procedures and employee training and development often have a direct effect on the productivity and performance of the employee. And implementing an effective human resource management can enhance the organization 's ability to attract and maintain qualified and motivated employees yield greater profitability, low employee turnover and these invariably lead to higher productivity. The research noted that recruitment procedures that provide a large pool of qualified applicants, paired with a
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