Literature Review On Employee Work

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Literature Review: Employees’ psychological connection with the job has been a major topic for the past few years among researchers as well as managers (Kahn, 1990; Harter, Schmidt & Hayes, 2002; Christian, 2011). In today’s highly competitive business environment it is essential to ensure not only hiring highly qualified staffs but also create an environment for employees where they would feel encouraged and motivated to engage themselves with the work and fully utilize their skills, knowledge and expertise in completing work assigned (Mullen and Kelloway, 2010). Kahn (1990) and Nash (2009) refer the term of work engagement to the degree where individuals make the most use of cognitive, emotional and physical resources and skills to perform their work. This, as a result is interconnected to the psychological approaches of creating a positive psychology and focus on the development and use of personal strengths. As a result, engaged employees are found to be energetic, positive, and effectively connected to their job (Kahn, 1990). Several studies (Harter, Schmidt & Hayes, 2002; Wellins, 2009) also indicated that high employee engagement is positively correlated with increased return on assets, higher earning per employee, better performance, sales growth, lower absenteeism and turnover. Kahn (1990) was the first person who made a proposition that individuals tend to use their knowledge, skills, expertise as well as emotions while performing the job tasks. The main focus

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