Literature Review On Fast Food

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Literature Review: Fast food has come into our life since 1912 from America and ever since human beings was exposed to its negative health effects. Several studies in literature have tried to estimate the value of health for individuals under different conceptualizations. Most of the studies conducted regarding fast food in Bangladesh and overseas fail to notice that eating fast food is foreseeable at the present society; they just focus on fast food health complications and pay less attention on different attitudes among fast food consumers. Sing Pratima (2015) conducted a study on the differences in consumer beliefs and attitudes toward three fast food restaurants namely Domino’s, Pizza Hut and McDonalds and found that customer attitude toward each fast food restaurants differs in Gwalior region. In another study, Priyadharsini S. (2014) exposed that because of the trend of nuclear family, raise in income level, raise in employment level of women and advertising were the strategies which leads Indian consumers to get attracted towards fast food. Thakkar and Thatte (2014) conducted a study in Thane city of Maharashtra state and revealed that the taste and food quality mostly affect consumer behavior towards fast food restaurants. In an recents study, Singam, Karunagaran et al (2014) suggested that advertisement was one of the important variables which attract the customer’s attention towards fast food restaurants and in advertisement color attracted the most than other
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