Literature Review On Feral Children

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The subject of feral children has intrigued philosophers and scientists throughout the course of history. Feral children are best described as children who have been totally shunned from society be it by negligent parents or by unfavourable circumstances, they have at most grew up or spent most of their early childhood away from society be it in the wild or in some kind of isolation, some of this children are raised by animals while some have just gone through severe neglect in addition, feral children tend to experience various effects concerning their situation. Such effects can be Psychological, behavioural, Physical or emotional. Referring to the term feral children (Mc Neil, et al. 1984: 70) Child negligence is best described as when children’s basic needs such as food, shelter protection, clothing, health etc. are not met (Dubowitz, et al 1993: 494).
“Psychological well-being is defined and measured by the following unique dimensions:
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In this the quantitative method of research is seen as relevant to gather the required information related to child negligence. This method has been adopted to work on the existing knowledge regarding neglected children. The method of data collection will be in a form of questionnaires (Sarantakos, 2013; 30-33).
6. Literature review
In this form of research literature review will be used. According to Baker (2016: 265) “the synthesis of the literature review provides an informed perspective or a comprehensive overview of the knowledge available on the topic”. There are various forms of literature that have been adopted to serve as a source of information in relation to the research topic in discussion. These sources are as follows: journal articles, textbooks, internet sites. The following information is available from the North West University Ferdinand Postma library and internet searches.
7. Research

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