Literature Review On Gay Parenting

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Literature Review
“Homosexual parenting on children”
Homosexuality is a sexual attraction to his or her own sex. It was approved, banned, punished in different countries, at different times. Today same sex marriage is acceptable in 25 countries in the world. In 2014 the England and Wales became the first countries in the UK to accept same-sex marriage1 the next thing to consider for every married couple is of course to get a child of their own. There are few options to get a baby and these are adopting, via surrogate, for lesbians donor insemination. Most couples would adopt their child because surrogacy is very expensive, and donor insemination is only for woman. Most of the people, they might prefer the original style of family, which is the father, mother, and the children. They think that a child needs to have a man and a female as their role model in their life and having two mothers of two dads it might complicate affect child’s childhood and mental health. People believe that being raised by same-sex couple, the child might not develop as same as other kids. For decades debate about same sex parenting has been one of the crucial issues in the world. In order to explore how what it is like to get raised by same-sex parent, this literature provides an in-depth view of issues related to same-sex couple, marriage, adopting and parenting cases in the UK and in other jurisdictions.
Gay Fathers
In a study of Harris & Turner (1986) it concludes that most gay

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