Literature Review On Globalization And Education

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2 Literature Review 2.1 Globalisation and Pedagogy: According to Edwards and Usher (1997) the connexion between globalisation and pedagogy can be understood as stated: “The consciousness of the globe as one place is the very consciousness which heightens a sense of the relativity and value of particular location(s). In some ways, this paradox is at the heart of education as a practice centred on canonical and bounded bodies of knowledge.” Education, in the recent times, has more tellingly become a practice of servicing the global economy wherein each nation is hugged by their “logic of competitiveness” (Edwards and Usher, 1997). Thereby, adding to the growing processes of globalisation (Edwards and Usher, 1997). Amidst pedagogy getting restructured and transformed, and learning becoming “more decentred, disseminated and non-hierarchical” (Taylor and Saarinen, 1994) traditional forms of pedagogy is becoming progressively challenging in present-day conditions wherein the dominant pedagogical form is immersed in authoritative learning and authoritative method with the student succumbing to the authoritative approaches (Edwards and Usher, 1997). Education and schooling can be observed as a means for enhancing economic productivity to meet the growing industrial needs, with very less focus on how schools are principally about learning and democracy (Giroux, 1988). Giroux (1988) links the American society which has recoiled back into the discourse of management and

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