Literature Review On Green Hotel

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The green movement has spread widely in the hotel industry, the primary sector in the tourism and hospitality industry. Environmental protection is important and can be used as a useful marketing tool to differentiate from the competition in the hotel industry. According to the Green Hotel Association (2008), a green hotel means "eco-friendly property where the managers start programs that can save water and energy and reduce waste and save money to protect the Earth."
Nowadays, it can use a variety of methods to protect the environment, such as using better lighting, materials that can be recycled, creating a recycling program and encourage guests to reuse towels, rather than change the towels every day. According Kasim (2004), a green hotel "operate in a responsible manner towards employees, the local community and culture, as well as the surrounding ecology" (p.10).
Going green is good for the organization as it can protect the environment such as legitimacy, improve public image, increase brand value, reduce operating costs, saving the cost of generating profits, organizational commitment and delighting customers (Bansal & Roth, 2000; Choi et al. 2009; Gan, 2006; Graci & Kuehnel, 2010; Jhawar et al., 2012; Juholin, 2004). Therefore, many hotels are currently implementing programs environment to manage the use of water and energy because it can save costs and maintain corporate competitiveness (Bowe, 2005; Chan et al, 2005;
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