Literature Review On Guar Gum

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Literature Review Guar gum is the powder of the endosperm of the seeds of Cyamopsis tetragonolobus. It is white to pale yellowish powder with characteristic odour. It is partially insoluble in organic solvents. It is hydrophilic polymer and in cold water it swells up forming viscous colloidal dispersions or sols. Hydration of the gum occurs in cold water, which give gelling property to guar gum. (Krishnaiah et al ., 1988, Krishnaiah et al ., 2002) confirmed its role as a carrier by both in- vivo and in – vitro. Due to its release retarding property and susceptibility to microbial degradation in the large intestine, Guar gum was found to be a colon-specific drug carrier in the form of matrix and compression-coated tablets as well as microspheres. Guar gum is also used for colon targeting drug delivery system of solid dispersion which is then compressed into the tablet form. Also, this solid dispersion can be filled in capsules and capsules are then coated with enteric coating polymers. (Singh et al .,2013) prepared colon specific matrix tablets of Azathioprine and concluded that katira gum successfully target the drug in the colon by pH dependent approach. (Darwheka et al ., 2013) prepared colon specific satranidazole tablets using guar gum, pectin ,xanthan gum and concluded that guar : xanthan gum is in combination at 2:1 can be developed to deliver the drug in colon . Singh Rakesh formulated colon specific matrix tablets of metronidazole using ionically cross

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