Literature Review On Guerrilla Marketing

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Literature review is notation and quotation of references such text, journel, thesis, magazines and other written publish. This section of this study will include the details elaboration about the independent variables and the dependent variable of this study and aims at discussing the previous study related to the research as a supporting the whole study.

According to Volkmann, Tokarski & Grünhagen (2010), guerrilla marketing is carried out in a surprising, efficient, rebellious or unconventional and spectacular manner to achieve as great attention as possible in the target group. The term of guerrilla marketing, businesses aim at forming a marketing management that is dynamic, sensitive to customer needs and that is able to adapt to changes easily (Ay, Aytekin & Nardali 2010).

Guerrilla marketing is a low-cost marketing techniques aimed at obtaining maximum exposure for a product. Guerrilla marketing tactic in which a company uses surprise or unusual interactions in order to promote a product or service. According to Prevot (2009), guerrilla marketing campaign must be flexible to adapt necessary changes. According to Balts and Leibing (2008), the term of guerrilla marketing is an example of the transfer of military-related and warfare-related terminology to the marketing domain. The term of guerrilla marketing describes unconventional marketing campaigns and/or strategies which should have a significant promotional effect –
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