Literature Review On Gun Control

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Moorhouse, John C, and Brent Wanner. “Does Gun Control Reduce Crime Or Does Crime Increase Gun Control?” Ebscohost, 1 Jan. 2006, pdfviewer?vid=1&sid=db378b8b-d9e7-4ee7-b26c-460bc1177bd4%40sessionmgr4008. Moorhouse and Wanner, in their article “Does Gun Control Reduce Crime Or Does Crime Increase Gun Control”, studied whether or not gun control reduced gun violence in individual states. The overarching theme throughout the individual states is that gun control doesn’t reduce gun violence and is very ineffective. The authors provide two possible reasons why these laws are ineffective; 1) these laws do not effect criminal behavior and their efforts to obtain weapons illegally, and 2) these laws focus on normal gun purchases and don 't account for private sales and guns passed down through families. This article is a very creditable source; one reason is because it looks directly at statistics instead of being based solely on opinion. Secondly, this article is also peer reviewed article; this means that other individuals have critiqued these authors research and found it to be accurate. This source will be very useful to my paper because it takes statistical approach approach the the situation instead of a opinionated one. This paper also provides an interesting solution to gun violence; instead of already proven ineffective gun control laws, these authors suggest looking at why these laws are ineffective. Planty, Michael, and Jennifer
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