Literature Review On Halal Food

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CHAPTER II LITERATURE REVIEW In this chapter, the variables which are knowledge as the independent variable, religiosity and purchase intention as the independent variables and attitudes as the mediating variable are explained, together with the measurement of each variable and the influential factors. 2.1 Independent Variable 2.1.1 Knowledge According to the previous studies, knowledge is able to affect the purchase intention through attitude. Therefore, increasing the knowledge will definitely influence the purchase intention. In most cases, knowledge can be described as facts, feeling or experiences known by an individual or a group of people; it also has another definition of familiarity, consciousness or awareness obtained by any experiences or learnings. To be more specific, the expertise and skills acquired by an individual or a group of people through theoretical or practical understanding of a subject can be defined as knowledge (Rahman, Ebrahim Asrarhaghighi, & Suhaimi Ab Rahman, 2015). In the previous research regarding knowledge has proven that knowledge concerning organic foods has a significant influence on attitudes towards those foods (Aertsens, 2011). Nevertheless, there have only been several studies (Aziz & Chok N.V, 2013) which have gone over the length of the effect of knowledge on attitude toward halal food. The result on the past research shows that there is a weak relationship between knowledge of Halal foods and buying decision. In the other hand,

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