Influence Of Religion On Consumer Behaviour

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CHAPTER II LITERATURE REVIEW In this chapter, the variables which are knowledge as the independent variable, religiosity and purchase intention as the independent variables and attitudes as the mediating variable are explained, together with the measurement of each variable and the influential factors. 2.1 Independent Variable 2.1.1 Knowledge According to the previous studies, knowledge is able to affect the purchase intention through attitude. Therefore, increasing the knowledge will definitely influence the purchase intention. In most cases, knowledge can be described as facts, feeling or experiences known by an individual or a group of people; it also has another definition of familiarity, consciousness or awareness obtained by any experiences…show more content…
Therefore, it becomes a crucial factor to be studied. Religion has a crucial role in every single individual’s live by shaping their beliefs, knowledge and attitude. Another researcher known as Kotler (2000) believes that religion is part of culture which is able to shape people’s behaviour. Moreover, religion also has restricted and non-restricted things in which affect customer’s decision. Bodily, all previous studies positively supported that certain values of religion which is hold by an individual are able to influence their action and decision (Rehman & M.S. Shabbir,…show more content…
The impact on food consumption depends on the religion itself and on the extent to which individuals interpret and follow its teaching. In the previous studies regarding consumer behaviour, researchers have found that there is an important relationship between a number of consumption and a consumer’s religious affiliation (Swimberghe, Sharma, & Flurry, 2014). Even though religion has been a significant force in the lives of many individuals, its exact role in consumer food choices is unclear. Based on several previous studies which investigated food decision making within religious context, the most notable ones are studies regarding Halal meat consumption in Belgium and France (Bonne, Bergeaud-Blackler, & Verbeke,

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