Essay On Halal Perfume

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JOURNAL REVIEW HALAL PERSONAL CARE: PERFUME Halal perfume is one of the most sought after personal care product in the Islamic market these days. The emerging market is expanding as most people mainly Muslims are becoming aware of the importance in consuming products that are concerning with the halal issue. According to Suhaimi Abdul Rahman et al (2014), this has led to rapidly rising demand for halal cosmetics and personal care products. Halal as in its general sense can be translated as meaning allowed, lawful or permissible to consume or use as according to Islamic faith. In order the product to be halal, products must not contain elements that are not permitted or doubtful such as alcohol or toxic chemicals, fats, placenta or gelatin from pigs or animals that were…show more content…
Personal care products like perfumes, lotion, conditioners, hair shampoos and powders are considered a necessity for personal hygiene and improved attractiveness. According to Dr Wan Jamaliah Wan Jusoh consumers from the Muslims community not only are looking for halal licensed products, the products must also be hygienic, health-giving and safe where all features of the production fulfill with the Syariah or Islamic law. Personal care products have been use by people for a very long time. For instance perfume or fragrances has been existed in the world ages ago even before we live in a technological oriented environment. Back then people will just mixing flowery scents to make perfumes and fragrances. People feel the need to use the perfume as a symbol of body freshness and to increase confidence when smelling good. Nowadays, according to Ahlam Nuwairah Ahmad, Azmawani Abdul Rahman et al., (2014) perfumes and fragrances are categorized as must – item not only for women consumptions but also for a minority of man with a metrosexual personality. According to Huff (2009) this items has become essential elements in some people lives as an average person would
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