Literature Review On Homosexuality

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2.1 Review Topic with Literature Support
2.1.1Definition of Homosexuality
In nowadays society, same-sex sexuality is a serious social issue that commonly discuss by public. According to Levay (2011),homosexuality is related to an individual experience of sexual attraction towards the peoples who are having same-sex preferences and gender. Furthermore, this population were defined in many different terms.
The term of homosexuality was formulated in the late 19th century. The discussion about sexuality in general, especially same-sex attraction have occurred philosophical discussion although the term is new (Brent, 2015). According to Richard, Friedman and Jennifer (1994), the word gay, used to represent homosexual. It took on the
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Nowadays homosexual is a common phenomenon where gays and lesbians neighbourhood exist in almost every city. In addition, homosexual marriage is highly welcomed in some western countries. According to the recent statement of President Barack Obama homosexual marriage is no longer regarded as a political taboo in United States. However, there are number of people who opposed to have homosexual neighbours has remained constant in several western countries such as China and Turkey. In this countries the reaction, thought and perceptions towards gays and lesbian has remained same as 20 years ago and never been changed, even though we live in the modern…show more content…
Hinduism focuses mainly on personal virtues such as self-denial and renunciation which promotes in self-improvement in current life and a potential of salvation or attainment of a higher caste in the next (Thadani,1990).As an individual, we need to have religion knowledge because religion seen as a medium to form an opinion to about homosexuals (Wilkinson,2004).
Some religious leaders of Hinduism have a negative opinion about homosexuality and claimed that homosexual is unnatural and incompatible with Hinduism (Hunt,2011). There is no one sacred text or rule book in Hinduism rather they have many texts and gods speaking against same sex liaison which makes them to believe homosexual is

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