Literature Review On Hospital Management

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According to Aronson et. al., (2003) Managing hospitals requires attention to a complex set of consumer needs and expectations, technology, and the interface of ethics and economics. Hospital managers must lead and motivate employees, ensure that they provide quality care to patients, and improve their efficiency. A hospital could not function well if they don’t have man power. The people that are responsible for the services offered by the hospital are the mental health workers. Mental health workers are responsible for providing support and services to individuals and families experiencing mental health issues (
The Mental Health Worker must monitor their own time and stress levels to ensure that they are able to effectively assist clients. They may find that they are continually interrupted, and may have to quickly assess situations to respond appropriately ( Being a Mental Health Worker is never an easy job. A lot of time and effort is being taken from you. It also requires patience and understanding in order to get along with your patient. There are also instances that you have to sacrifice your time with your family. Their relationship with their patient depends on their approach to them. Many factors could affect their work performance.
The actions and attitudes of management were, by far, the single most prominent factor. This factor captures the extent to which management respects workers,

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