Literature Review On Hospitality Industry

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CUSTOMERS’ EXPCTATIONS ACCORDING TO REVIEWS PLATFORMS Introduction: The hospitality industry is a supply and demand market; it consists on providing services and goods to those who ask for them. In the hospitality world, nothing is static. It is a dynamic industry that is affected by many outsider factors; Sunders 2002, sees that expectations come from within and are influenced by psychological factors. With time passing by and the growing impact of the internet on humanity, reviews became of great importance. eWorld Evolution: Customer’s satisfaction gained recent attention, and according to Peterson and Wilson (1992) there are only a couple of hundreds of studies around this subject. The Internet has led to the creation of many online platforms, where users can make comments on products and/or services, such as and These platforms can effectively collect positive, negative, and neutral opinions that will become an online eWOM database for the products reviewed, becoming a critical source of information that customers seek before doing any purchase (Gu et al. 2012). Advertisers believe that they can reach specific groups of consumers and cater their niche markets via different promotional marketing strategies through the use of these platforms (Chen and Xie 2008). eWOM has significant impact on consumers’ decision to shop online. Reviews and their effects: Negative online consumer reviews are significantly affecting their

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