Literature Review On Hypertension

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A substantial aggregate of literature has been published on hypertension. Majority of the identified studies are qualitative which will be discussed under three headings. The study entails the identification of factors linked with planning and treatment compliance, evidence based care and healthcare providers working as a team. Team work was considered to be the best approach to managing hypertension.
Three themes will be discussed as follows:
• Factors affecting treatment adherence of hypertensive patients.
• Evidence based practices and its effect on compliance.
• Team-based hypertension care and the specific roles of nurses

According to Sabaté (2003), factors identified can be grouped into patient-related factors, therapy-linked factors, healthcare team/system factors, social and economic factors and disease condition related factors which is similar to that shown in Table 1 to Jin et al (2008).

Patient-related factors
Inadequate compliance with therapeutic regimen remains the key cause for the inadequate control of blood pressure and this may be the related to the asymptomatic nature of the disease (van der, 2003) at the early stage together with several other issues surrounding the patient. Sabaté (2003), considered a wide variety of these factors affecting compliance in his study when compared with other studies. Sabaté classified the factors into five interrelating dimensions

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