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Literature Review: Job Performance: The job performance is one of the big challenge in the organization where the whole environment is in stress. The reason of it is that job performance is closely related to effectiveness of organization, knowledge management, quality, and productivity of one side while management, financing and development of organization is on the other hand. (Ch. Platis, P. Reklitis & S. Zimeras, 2014). Job performance touches almost all areas of human resource management. If these areas are not address properly it effects directly or indirectly on job performance. Employees are not engaged fully in their jobs. It ultimately lead to mismanagement. (Solomon Markos, 2010). Job performance is divided into two types one is…show more content…
However in 1955, judge et al. (2001) explained that the study of Locke (1970), Schwab and Cummings (1970), and Vroom (1964), have shown that there is to some extent relationship between job satisfaction and job performance. There are stronger relationship between job satisfaction and job performance but it depend on the specific environment as well as mood and employee level within the organization. (Morrison, 1997). It is very common understanding that the worker who are feeling happiness in their jobs they are also more productive at their work place. (Spector, 1997). It has been also observed that the worker with average performance is rewarded on job then the correlation between the job performance and job satisfaction will be higher. (Jacobs and Solomon, 1977). There may be so many sources for the work stress and effect the worker in different ways. There is a link between health and psycho-social aspects of the job and well-being of workers. Limited work made the effect of distinct stressor on job performance. (Dollard and Metzer,…show more content…
Job satisfaction is defined as “pleasurable and positive emotional state that comes from the appraisal and evaluation of job and job experience. (Jex, 2002). Appraisal involve the different parts related to job or job performance like compensation plans, working environment and colleague, boss, and carrier prospect and job performance itself. (Arnold et al, 1998). It is very common understanding, job performance can be defined as “All the behaviors employees engage in while at work”. A few numbers of the employee behavior show at office is not necessarily co-related with job-specific aspects. Most commonly, job performance refers to how well employee performs at their workplace. (Jex, 2002). Definitions of job performance ranges from general to specific aspects and from qualitative to quantitative dimensions. Initially, researchers are trying the possibility to define and measure job performance. However, it is sufficient that they started work to realize the dimensions of a job and its performance. In these days it is commonly agreed that job performance have complicated series of interacting variables which have different aspects of the job, the employee and the

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