Literature Review On Jukskei River

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Literature Review 1. Source A Titled: The Jukskei river is cleaned up. Situated in the North of Joburg the state of the Jukskei river continues to deteriorate and become increasingly unhealthy. In efforts to clean the river partnerships between City parks, the rural and agricultural department has been working towards changing the state of the river. The process had commenced in May and was set to be completed on the 31st of October ensuring that a vast amount of waste was collected throughout the given months. 80 men and women have been employed and trained, given the necessary skills to facilitate them when removing litter and other matter. Validity This article is derived from The City of Johannesburg’s official website and is owned by the city Reliability This website ensure to provide accurate and current information based on what’s happening in Johannesburg Usefulness This research can be used when compiling a research task or to write an insightful blog based on the condition of the river Limitations Doesn’t give an update on the current state of the river in this current year 2017 The condition of the river is very poor, contaminated with sewerage and chemicals. The state of the river is partly due to the informal settlements that are built on the banks of rivers. These settlers dump litter into the river resulting in a highly unhealthy river as well as businesses that work with chemicals callously dump dangerous chemicals into these rivers. The city Parks

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