Literature Review On Junk Food

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A literature review is the background for understanding correct knowledge on the topic and illuminates the significance of new study. Review of literature is explained in 3 headings Students related to 1. Changing trends in adolescents eating pattern 2. Promoting factors of junk food 3. Health hazards of junk food (i) Students related to changing trends in adolescents eating pattern:- A national health and nutrition examination surveys was conducted in USA to determine the adolescent’s beverage consumption trends and causes. The sample consisted of 73 (345) individuals aged 12-16 years. The results of the study showed that for this age group sweetened beverage consumption increased and milk consumption decreased. Overall energy intake from sweetened beverages increased by 85% and was reduced by 38% from milk. With a 278 total calorie increased. This trend was associated with increased proportion of adolescents consuming sweetened beverages and disease in milk consumption. This study recommended the beneficial impacts of decreased soft drink and fruit drink intake. A cross sectional study was conducted in USA to describe foods and beverages consumed at schools in terms of number of serves the data have been collected from 1001 children aged 4-12 years. Food and beverages in take was assessed using a school food check list. The result of the study showed that 30% of children had fruit bars. 59% had packed snacks and 26% had chocolates, during their lunch and

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