Literature Review On LGBT Discrimination

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Literature Review The modern society expresses more accepting attitudes toward the LGBT community, compared to past years. However, LGBT discrimination (e.g., employment discrimination) is still an ongoing social issue. Various literatures exist to support the argument that sexual minorities are disadvantaged and subject to employment discrimination. This arises from the negative stereotypes and heterosexual dominance, which is linked to poor psychological well-being. According to Mize (2016), the vulnerable group experiences different forms of workplace discrimination such as, job rejection and termination. Other studies have reiterated this finding and expanded the list to include: verbal harassments (e.g., threats, negative comments, and inappropriate jokes), physical harassments, sexual harassments, denial of promotions, and untrue performance appraisals. In addition, Gates and Viggiani (2014) emphasize wage discrimination such that, the incomes of homosexual/bisexual men and women are approximately 10% to 25% and 10% to 30% less than the straight population, respectively. One of the earliest assumption that contributes to LGBT discrimination, is the old-time societal view of homosexuality. Historically, homosexuality was labeled as a mental disorder that required treatment. Although, this classification has been debunked, some individuals may still think true of sexual minorities. Also, the LGBT community is considered evil,
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