Literature Review On Luxury

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Literature review Luxury associates with extraordinary pricing. It indicates that price, satisfactory, distinctiveness, and enjoy have an impact on prime value (Allsop, 2004)
From the market sphere, it illustrates that the customers are eager to pay unnecessary money for the brand. That means, economically, the assortation could be differentiated from the perspective of luxury, and take it as a way to measure what consumers’ desire is.(Vigneron and Johnson, 2004).
From the business respect, marketers observe from a consumer perspective to find out what consumers prefer to buy, and the reasons they are willing to consume for the extra fees, time, and wishes. Customers has a significant impact on the demand curve. Most of the price and value are affected by the buyers. Always remember to set a proper value chains to create the benefits. The managers could exploit from the brand value to make a profits. (Silverstein et al., 2005). The concept of “luxury” is derives from the Latin words, it symbolizes “extras of life”, that is to say, people consume the things which they do not necessarily need. (Danziger, 2005).
The formal document shows that ‘’luxus’’ means the waste of living. (Oxford Latin Dictionary ,1992).
The description of reputable brands in premium assortation is applied to ' 'luxury ' ' in Scientist scholastic article. (Vigneron & Johnson, 2004).
Luxury products represents the fulfillment of unnecessary wishes which connected with the status and wealth.

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