Literature Review On Mass Customization

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Literature Review In article 1, It describe that Mass customization has very much reality today as most of the companies in this entire world are using it in their daily production. Mass customization will be as imperative to business in twenty-first century as large scale manufacturing was in the twentieth.( Wang Ying; Zhang Peng, 2010) Providing high quality cost with short delivery time by producing individual product are known as mass customization. In today’s world, the process of mass customization based on e-commerce gives challenges to industries in producing products and services Whereas in the article 2, Question has been asked such as why a consumer buy something on a particular website but not on another website? Xue Jun stated that in research on Behaviour of Internet Consumer, the 4 steps of decision are recognizing needs, searching information, selecting and also evaluating (Yanli Guo; Jianbin Chen,2008). On top of that, the whole process are affected by the elements of external circumstances, individual and network environment. New demands will be taken forward if a product doesn’t meet customer’s needs and requirements. On behalf of that, consumers will achieve a greater space while shopping at home. It provides independent thinking that can let an individual to make a good decision. Article 3, Applying ergonomics to improve usability of interface design is important in website. The 3 principles are important which are rational principle, usability
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