Literature Review On Mobile Commerce

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KEYWORD:- Consumers, Markets, Mobile Commerce, Services, Technology, Technology, Innovation.

Mobile commerce (M-Commerce) is an insect today in India. With half a billion mobile subscribers, emerging competition, innovative ways to attracts customer’s way of doing business has undergone sea change by the use of mobile. Mobile commerce or M-Commerce is conducting business using mobile device, it is an extension of electronic commerce. It is used to buy tickets, paying insurance premium, buying gifts and recharging mobile accounts. Many companies in India started using mobile
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According to Wikipedia “M-Commerce is ability to conduct commerce ,using a mobile device via, a mobile phone, a PDA, a smart phone and other emerging mobile equipment such as dash top mobile devices”.
When defining mobile commerce in terms of an extension of electronic commerce, it is called wireless E-commerce.
The following are the features of Mobile commerce, making it one of the effective ways of doing commerce:
• Ubiquity: consumers can avail or buy products / services from anywhere independent his/her current geographic location. Customer can buy respective of the regions they reside or companies can do business.
• Convenience: Services like GPRS gives convenience and keeps always in touch and connected. This helps the companies to well connect with the customers.
• Personalization: M-Commerce services has been personalized, it can be used as per requirement of the consumer.
• Location based services: a service such as GPS allows companies to offer goods and services as per the location
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As we know now a day’s M-commerce is growing rapidly, the number of mobile phones is growing now days.
2. Easy to carry mobile- As Mobile device is easy to carry by user, it helps user to avoid to go to shops physically as it also help to avoid once use of laptops.
3. Quicker access connecting trough a mobile is faster than dial up connections using wire line modems.
4. Electronic Wallet-Analysts believe that easy mobile payment is one of the main prerequisites for the success of m-commerce, when the mobile phone can functions as an electronic wallet for mobile payments, including micropayments, application developers and service providers will find it attractive to introduce new mobile communication services to the market.
As we know mobile devices are becoming a part of our daily routine life, People use internet for various purposes which include: email, academic and financial information search, music and video on internet, chatting, online job search, gaming, booking tickets, hotel reservation, online news, internet telephony/video chat/voice chat, and online banking e-commerce has touched every field of human life from information search to entertainment, job search
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