Literature Review On Natural Disasters

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LITERATURE REVIEW Disasters. These are serious and crucial disturbance of the working community involving predominant material, economic, environmental and people impacts and losses, which transcend the ability of the afflicted community to survive using its own resources. Disasters are often described as a consequence of the amalgamation of: exposure to danger and risks; the circumstances of the susceptibility that are present; and inadequate measures to manage and lessen with the possible negative result. Disaster impacts may encompass injury, illness, death, and different negative outcomes on human mental, social, physical well-being, concurrently with destruction to possessions, damage of estates, and loss of works as well as economic and social disruption and environmental regression (Disaster, ND). Natural Disasters. These are calamitous, catastrophic, extreme and sudden occurrences caused by environmental aspects that damage resources and harm people. Diseases, floods, typhoons, tsunamis, landslides, earthquakes all strike the planet anywhere, often with or without warning (Natural Disaster, 2017). Man Made Disasters. Contrary to natural disasters, these are disastrous occurrences caused entirely and directly by human error, negligence and intent or involving malfunction of unnatural systems resulting to damage of ecosystems, injuries and even deaths (Man-Made Disaster, 2017). According to the study of Smythe (2013), the Port of New York and New Jersey, considering

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