Literature Review On Nutrition And Nutrition

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Does good nutrition and a healthy balanced diet have a bearing on a student’s academic results?

Nutrition plays a vital role in a person’s overall health. The importance of a good and healthy diet has been recorded as far back as Hippocrates (Greece, ca460BC - ca370BC) who said “Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food” (Nordqvist, 2013). Today, with changing lifestyle habits and exposure to fast food and processed meals, one is compelled to question the effect that diet and nutrition have on diseases, illness, longevity, brain function, cognition, learning and social behaviour to name only a few. Brigham Young University states that "nutritional Science investigates the metabolic and physiological responses of the body to food and diet, including the role of nutrients in the cause, treatment, and prevention of disease" (Nordqvist, 2013). Medical science is constantly moving forward with new findings and ideas, and the internet provides a valuable source of literature. The internet was therefore used to source information using relevant keywords.
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The seven major types of nutrients are covered, namely carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fiber, water, minerals and vitamins. The information is reliable as it is factual and therefore unbiased, and the article is well referenced. Although the website is outdated, because the information is scientific and factual it remains relevant. The question of the effect of nutrition on a student’s academic performance remains of particular interest and source 1 does not answer this question at

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