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This chapter presents a review of literature on study variables on impact of students’ attitudes towards online advertisement on the growth of companies businesses. This chapter reveals the theoretical, conceptual and empirical study done by different scholars and authors on matters related to the problems being investigated. It expounds on the conceptual and theoretical framework within which the findings and recommendations of this study was conceptualized. This chapter also reviews the existing literature on the performance impact of online advertising on students’ attitudes global and national perspective. Due to advancement of technology and global changes online advertisement become a important things that a company must use it as…show more content…
Two constructs underlying the ad credibility have been incorporated in this thesis, advertiser credibility and advertising credibility (Mackenzie & Lutz, 1989). According to Fishbein and Ajzen (1975), the effect of advertiser credibility and advertising credibility affect the credibility of any particular ad through a force of logical consistency meaning that audience members are likely to perceive a direct relationship between how credible a given advertising is based on the credibility of the advertiser. According to Bracket and Carr (2001), advertising credibility has been proven to be a critical factor that affects advertising on the Internet. Good for Economy The economic benefit of advertising is the ability of the advertisers to provideaccurate and reliable information about their products to the audience (Petrovici et al., 2007). Therefore, Munusamy and Wong (2007), Tan and Chia (2007), Wang et al. (2009) conclude that ‘good for economy’ is positively related to consumers’ attitude towards advertising. In other words, the more positive the credence in ‘good for economy’, the more positive are customers’ attitude towards advertising 2.2 Empirical Literature Review This chapter in the thesis deals with the integration of findings from the interviews…show more content…
The ability of advertising to entertain can enhance the advertising experience of consumers (Alwitt & Prabhaker, 1992). Included under the umbrella of entertainment are the opinions of consumers’ in regards to how enjoyable, pleasing, exciting and fun to see that they find advertisements to be. According to Shimp (1981) and Mitchel and Olson (1981), pleasant or likable advertising is thought to have a positive impact on brand attitudes. Further, Ducoffe (1996) stated that the degree of entertainment provided by advertising is not only important on traditional media but also crucial on the Internet as well as social

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