Literature Review On Online Shopping

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1.9 Literature Review

According to Nazir et al. (2012), some factors which play an important role on buyer’s decision making about shopping something online include price, trust, and privacy etc. The key factors which affect a Pakistani consumer attitude towards shopping something online are privacy and security. According to the researchers, online purchase provides comfort, convenience or ease which are identified as having significant influence on buyer’s attitude in Pakistan. Moreover, recommendation to shop something online by others are also important in driving a buyer’s attitude towards purchasing online. In Pakistan, the reason for a consumer to be hesitant to shop online is insecure online payment method as the research mentions.

Thus it seems that trust and privacy of their financial and other information is one of the most vital issues for a consumer in Pakistan when buying a product or a service online. Ashraf, Thongpapanl, and Auh (2014) found that perceived usefulness and ease of use are some of the major elements influencing consumers’ attitude in Pakistan towards purchase online. Moreover trust and perceived ease of use impact the perceived usefulness of online shopping. Trust was found to be an essential element of perceived ease of use.

When it comes to the purchase of software, Pakistan and other countries such as Greece, Bangladesh, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Peru and Turkey are some of the markets considered good for sales of software but have losses

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