Environmental Factors Affecting Oral Health

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As a part of general health the oral health consider as an important component which has an effect on development of good personality [1] and dental appearance also consider an important characteristic that decide attractive of face and have an impact on level of social association of human[2] , also the appearance as well has reflect on life of the patient .The Dental disease may affect the capacity of life ,live comfortably and possess positive self-image[1] .Many oral conditions as pain, defect in speech , an ability to chew , taste and aesthetics affect different aspect in the quality of life as well as patient satisfaction on his teeth. The dentist should assess the satisfaction
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Among the significant factors affecting overall dental appearance are a color of the teeth ,the form of the teeth, position, restoration quality and general arrangement of dentition especially the anterior teeth[2]. The tooth color and feeling of protruding teeth has an effect on satisfaction with dental appearance ,white teeth have been a definite association with a high rating of social competence, psychological aspect and relationship ability [3].From the previous study, satisfaction with dental appearance is not related to age and gender[1], while another study show dissatisfaction has appeared increase among younger and female participant and alternatively satisfaction high among elderly also the education level have an effect on satisfaction which high level of satisfaction appear related to highly educated individual [2] .Many studies, show different in satisfaction among different population , For example, 57.3% in Turkey,65% in Palestine, 65.5% in Jordan , 47.2% in Malaysia and 76% in UK[1], and there is similar study done in KSA was found 66% of sample not satisfy with their appearance while other studies show high number but with different sample size[1]…show more content…
Recently the esthetic it seems to define one's character while in the past functional demands were the important consideration in dental treatment. Nowadays the dentistry is shifted toward the esthetic treatment[4]. Orthodontic treatment is a strategy of aligning the teeth and correcting irregularities which can improve health ,oral function, appearance and social well-being and this treatment in the past focus on correct skeletal relationship while nowadays the facial esthetic become a major issue in orthodontic treatment(4). Malocclusion considered being a public health problem[5].In some population ,tooth misalignments are not regarded as serious problem need a treatment, while in other population the need of treatment is very high[2] from studies there is an increased seeking of treatment among adult and female more concern about esthetics[1-2-6] , also, this malocclusion affect negatively on facial attractiveness while after orthodontic treatment correction of this problem will in harmony with overall appearance [2-6]. In our country KSA the number of individual seeking an orthodontic treatment is increased recently. In KSA the adolescent is seeking an orthodontic treatment more than adult age group[4-5], the moderate overjet ,overbite and spacing dental anomalies are most common in adolescent than an

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